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Picture of Kufic qul
Kufic qul

Kufic qul

Luxurious monochrome lacquer finish decorated with modern and meticulous Islamic calligraphy to embolden the home setting with the ultimate finesse. Clasped with a golden brass handle which opens up to plush soft, suede interiors. Including candle scents in Esfahan Oud along with delicacies of sugar-coated almonds and an Eid Mubarak greeting for the festive occasion.

Rs 6,500
Picture of Oud check
Oud check

Oud check

A modish monochrome chequered box with scrupulous design and glossy ornamental finesse which harbours a precise execution of harmonious deco and elegant patterning. The geometric symmetry coupled with the tasteful artistry of a ‘His and Her’ Tasbih set in shades of unequivocal black and white. Subsequent to the finery bequest of Eid UL Adha festivities, dramatic and rich oriental fragrances by Zantiana in the form of ‘His and Her’ customised concentrated Oud grace the delightful keepsake.

Rs 7,500
Picture of Monochrome maze
Monochrome maze

Monochrome maze

High contrasting patterns of optical art in black in white, compliment the stark gloss finish of the lacquer box. Seizing the setting with curated illusionistic design which boasts a crisp white cross-stich scarf with fine lace detail.

Rs 8,500
Picture of Stripes on the table
Stripes on the table

Stripes on the table

A concisely crafted mesmerising memento for aesthete home décor with a croc striped tray set. Comprising of a high gloss illusion box in monochrome, holding fineries of sugar-coated almonds, mints and sounf. Accentuated by an intricate frame atop two dummy books for your coffee table. With linear embellishments detailing on a striped leatherette picture frame and artificial orchid with the fragrance of an Esfahan Oud Candle. The set is more than adequate to spruce up and garnish your home interior.

Rs 12,500