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About Us

Gift Connoisseur, Zantiana, has always had an aesthetic eye for design, engaging in concocting adoring gifts, invites, and communiqué with the utmost personal touch of love.

The enterprise, ‘Keepsakes by Zantiana’ focuses on making their products meaningful, sentimental and all the while articulated with modish elements. With precision to detail, Keepsakes creates a range of memorable décor and gifts for every occasion that will last a lifetime.

The brand’s prudent designs and their contents are devised with exceptional care and dedication. The concept behind ‘Keepsakes by Zantiania’ is centered around devotion to the art of gifts and mementos, through sketching, sampling, and exploring each innovative idea that will be dearly remembered and cherished in every carefully crafted box. Custom-made for all clientele, Keepsakes creates commemorative artifacts suitable for all ages and genders alike. After initially being the first business in Pakistan to have a full in-house set up for production, Keepsakes took it to another level in 2018. The demand further exceeded expectations, which led the brand to revamp, re-strategize and redefine its business model, to expand the business.

Popular and loved by all, Keepsakes by Zantiana specializes in creating tokens which are brimming with love and warm remembrance, bringing happiness and joy to those who receive them. With the idea of making meticulous ornaments from the heart, the efforts that go into each and every box are scrupulously unparalleled and guaranteed to bring a smile on your face.